Khatarina - Demo

Band: Khatarina
Album: Demo
Formation: Anne (vocals), Kerttu (vocals), Johanna (guitar), Helena (bass), Laura (drums)
Year: 2005
Place: Turku, Finland.
Label: -
Influences/Similars: Hardcore, punk, Crude SS (Sweden), Disfear (Sweden), Shitlickers (Sweden), Distress (Russia), Hiatus (Belgium)

1. Nhl-2000
2. Plastic
3. Down
4. Fight Like A Girl
5. They Shit On You
6. Confused
7. Spräckta Snutskullar (cover of Shitlickers)

Source: Soundtrack to a Party Blogspot
Link for download: Mediafire (22.87 mb) ; 4Shared (23.42 mb)
Where to buy: Try khatarinapunx@gmail.com
Interesting: Myspace

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