Anal Thunder - Out Of 12 Steps (EP)

Band: Anal Thunder
Album: Out Of 12 Steps (EP)
Year: 2015
Location: Finland

01. Selfie Generation
02. Holes
03. Take It All
04. Sober World
05. Not So Long Ago
Download: Mega (65.9 MB)


  1. Dont do it.
    Dont fall OFF the edge.

    Society's problem is they're lookin at the whorizontal to fix their problems - WTF do you do? (a famous line outta Minor Threat).

    You and yours have literally no future unless you accept Jesus:
    you can deny Hellfire
    till you bite-the-dust, baby...
    yet, that aint gonna stop
    you from going o'thar, toots.

    I had an NDE
    and the sights were beyond eXtreme.
    choose Jesus.
    Wiseabove with us.
    God bless your indelible soul.

  2. this looks hilarious I will have to track down a copy of this

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