Sabotaasi - Kulissit

First EP of the band... They released three albums, in 87, 88 (Joulupikin Maa), and 89 (Tervetuloa Kasvihuoneeseen). SABOTAASI is another great finnish band from the 80s, their songs remembers TAMPERE SS, POHJASAKKA. Their members (Peku and Timo) joined after the JUGGLING JUGULARS.

Band: Sabotaasi
Album: Kulissit
Formation:  Ile (vocals), Peku (guitar), Tipe (drums), Pasi (bass)
Year: 1987
Place: Lapua, Finland
Label: Kahlenukke Records
Influences/Similars: Punk rock, hardcore, Tampere SS (Finland), Pohjasakka (Finland), Juggling Jugulars (Finland),

1. Tuuli    
2. Kulissit    
3. Paskaa...

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Pyhäkoulu - Sä Keinut

Pyhäkoulu - Sä Keinut
Lyrics by Projekti82

"Sun keinu kulki vaan eteenpäin
Taakse et voi palata
Tahdoit lisää vauhtia
Mikään ei sulle riitä

Sä keinut, sä keinut
Niin kauan
Sä keinut, sä keinut
Vauhtis kasvaa

Ja huomaat, vauhtis alkaa heiketä
Et voi sitä lisätä
Sä katsot olkas yli taaksepäin
Et haluu elämäsi loppuvan näin

Sä keinut, sä keinut
Vauhtis loppuu
Sä keinut, sä keinut
Elämä loppuu

Sun keinu kulki vaan eteenpäin
Taakse et voinu enää palata
Sä tahdoit vain saatana vauhtia
Mikään ei sulle riittäny"

InterestingCD Pyhäkoulu - Post Mortem (1988)


Confirmed Kill - ...And the crimes continue

"Founded in 1995 in Turku, Finland. Publication: The Antiwar Action cassette (1995), No-one is Innocent -ep (1996), ... and the Crimes Continue -ep (1996) Chains of Production -lp (in the near future). Here, the collections of songs recorded in 1998. "Chains" with the Swedish anarchist Journal of Brand's centennial collection." (Source: http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=50649)
A band politicized, deals with issues of animal rights, and more.

Band: Confirmed Kill
Album: ...And the crimes continue EP
Formation: -
Year: 1996
Place: Turku, Finland.
Label: Paank Levyt.
Influences/Similars: Crust/Punk, Hardcore/Punk, Vihaliha (Hate Meat - Grind from Virkkala/Finland), Painstream (Crust/Hardcore from Turku/Finland)

Side A
01. Vanities
02. Development
03. The wake
Side B
01. Pet liberation
02. Ruins...

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Killbite - Killbite

Band: Killbite
Album: -
Formation: Latex (Vox), Mick (Gitarre), U. Lee (Bass), Herb (Drums)
Year: 2013
Place: Bremen, Germany
Label: -
Influences/Similars: Crust, hardcore, metal, Viimeinen Kolonna (Finland), Audio Kollaps (Germany), Social Chaos (Brazil)

1. Intro
2. Manage To Damage
3. Permanent Pressure
4. Dystopia
5. Cycotic Family
6. Cloud Nine
7. Wish To Be Another One

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Tax - Paximus Maximus

If you like melodic hardcore, you should check this group from Tampere: TAX! Their songs remembered me NOFX and TBS, but that's just my opinion. This is a new album released in 2013. Thanks for these guys for the contact

Band: Tax
Album: Paximus Maximus
Formation: -
Year: 2013
Place: Tampere, Finland
Label: -
Influences/Similars: Punk rock, melodic hardcore, Taking Back Sunday (United States), NOFX (United States)

2.Heaps of Thrills
3.Setting an Example
5.Commodore 27
6.Closing the Borders
10.Saw (How we run against the wall)
11.Learn to Dance
13.Right Tracks
14.Lla rof modeerf
15.Armed with Music and a Longshot

Source: Contact
Link for download: You can hear in BandCamp
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Haava ‎– Totaalinen Haava 7"

Another total tribute to old finnish raw punk band hails from Japan! This style seems to be really influential for quite some japaneese bands.

Band:  Haava
Album: Totaalinen Haava
Formation: Jun (vocals), Piro (guitar), Kosuke (drums), Kössetu (bass)
Year: 2011
Place: Japan
Label: Overthrow Records ‎– OVERTHROW-048
Influences/Similars: Hardcore, punk rock, Kaaos (Finland), Riistetyt (Finland), Bastards (Finland)

1.Kaikki Poliisit Ovat Äpärä      
2.Viimeinen Kaaos
3.Miksi Tehdä Uudelleen

5.Maailman Loppu
6.Minua Oksettaa!

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Pää Kii - Inkkarit kanootissa 7"

This is another rock'n'roll rocking punk band from Finland. If you're familiar with Kallio Helsinki a bit, you know this is a true story...

Band: Pää Kii
Album: Inkkarit kanootissa (EP)
Formation: Teemu Bergman (singer, guitar), Lauri Eloranta (guitar), Niila (drums), Vekku (bass)
Year: May, 2012
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Airiston Punk-levyt ‎– AIRO-21 (1000 copies)
Influences/Similars: Punk rock, Punk 77, Kakka-Hätä 77 (Finland) , Nazi Death Camp (Finland), Kollaa Kestää (Finland), Ratsia (Finland)

1. K18
2. Paskahousun Paluu
3. Kylän Pahalla Puolella
4. Luuletsä Et Mä Oon Huvikseni Näin Sekaisin?

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..., listen @ Airiston-punk-levyt
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The Valkyrians - The Beat of Our Street

Band: The Valkyrians
Album: The Beat of Our Street
Formation: Angster (vocals), Letku-Leroy (bass), Mr Moonhead (keyboards), Gladiator (guitar), Big Deal (drums)
Year: 2009
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Stupido Records / Pork Pie
Influences/Similars: Rocksteady, Ska,  The Gaylads (Jamaica), Stomper 98 (Germany), The Maytals (Jamaica)

1. I Want Some Action
2. Hold On Rudy
3. Queen Of Rudy
4. Not This Time
5.  Bring Back The Reggae
6. The Beat
7. Val Kilmer
8. Make Up Your Mind
9. Reggae Allnighter
10. Taikonaut Reggae
11. Jail
12. C'mon Officer
13. Don't Tell Me Lies
14. Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
15. Big 6

Source: Eddie Drunk Punk Blogspot
Link for download: 4Shared (62.90 mb)
Where to buy:Stupido Records
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