Silent Scream - Silent Scream

Band: Silent Scream
Album: Silent Scream [separated tracks from some albums available]
FormationAntti Lautala (Guitar & vocals), Matthew Pallasoja (Bass & vocals), Jukka Laine (Drums)
Year: 2010-2013 Songs
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Stupido Records

Influences/Similars: Post Punk, Gothic, all those UK bands of the late 70s who sang paranoia and the end of the world.

1. Man on fire (2013)
2. Do it Right (2010)
3. Cinema (2010)
4. Spirit Invocation (2012)
5. Rotten Days (2012)

Link for download: Listen @SoundCloud or @BandCamp
Where to buy: Stupido Records
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