Reverend Bizarre + Kuolema - Reverend Bizarre + Kuolema [split]

Band: Reverend Bizarre + Kuolema
Album: Reverend Bizarre + Kuolema [split]
Formation: K: Ile (vocals), Mika (guitar), Pete (bass), Otto (drums).
RB: Albert Witchfinder (vocals and bass), Peter Vicar (guitar), Earl of Void (guitar and drums).
Year: 2008
Place: K: Kemi, Finland.
RB: Lohja, Turku, Finland
Label: MCR Company (Japan)
Influences/Similars: Raw punk, Metal, Punk rock, Sex Dwarf (Sweden), Gash (USA).

1. Reverend Bizarre - Rotestilaulu   
2. Kuolema - Kaljaa nuorille 

Source: -
Link for download: 4Shared (10.03 mb)
Where to buy: Dance.Ne.Jp (MCR Company)
Interesting: Kuolema - Kiihkoilijat / 1983 (youtube)

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