Absurd Attitude - North

Band: Absurd Attitude
Album: North
Formation: Purtsi (vocals and bass), Hannu (guitar and vocals), Joni (guitar), Perttu (drums)
Year: 1999
Place: Tampere, Finland.
Label: Fight Records
Influences/Similars: Crust, metal, Antisect (UK), Neurosis (USA), Unkind (Finland), Katastrofialue (Finland).

1. Popularity Hell
2. Ultimate Weakness
3. Northern Angst

Source: 7 Inch Crust Blogspot.
Link for download: 4Shared (38.04 mb), 4Shared (38.06 mb) or Mediafire (37.15 mb)
Where to buy: Puke N Vomit
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