Two Witches - Saints & Sinners

: Two Witches
Album: Saints & Sinners
Formation: See here full information.
Year: 2005.
Place: Tampere, Finland/Suomi
Label: Ausfahrt
Influence/similars: Gothic rock, Click!, Dorian Gray, Ret Marut.

1. The Sinner (pecador)
2. Requiem
3. We all fall Down (nós todos caímos)
4. The Dark Angels of Sin (anjos negros do pecado)
5. Maybe next year (talvez ano que vem)
6. Winter (inverno)
7. My Own
8. Spirit Sacrifice (sacríficio de espírito)
9. Dead Dog's Howl (uivo do cão morto)
10. Bites and bloody Kisses (mordidas e beijos sangrentos)
11. Vamoire Empire (Crimson Mix)
12. The Omen
13. May you be in Heaven (Piano)
14. Talveniaka (a.k.a. Wintertime)
15. Agony (agonia)

1. Spirit Sacrifice (Remix by D. Scheuber of Project Pitchfork)
2. Irresistible (Remix by Godlike) (irresistível)
3. Open Your Eyes (Remix by Intra-Venus) (abra seus olhos)
4. The Dark Angels of Sin (Remix by Soil & Eclipse)
5. Pimeyden Jousi (Polytron Remix)
6. Cat's Eyes (Black Lipstick Mix)
7. Dracula Rising
8. The Angel of Pain (Live at Mexico City, 2001) (anjo da dor)
9. Witness of Twilight (Demo Version)
10. Madman (Demo Version)
11. Judgement Day (La Vampire Nue Version with Martin Kasprzak)
12. King Volcano (feat. Shade Factory)
13. Fear of the Dark (feat. Gintronic - Two Witches Mix) (medo de escuro)
14. Shadows (feat. NYX) (sombras)
15. Shadowdance

Source: Peteargothic Blogspot.
Link for download: Mediafire (115.76 mb).
Interesting: Official Site.

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