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Today I just thought about doing a top 10 about my favorite finn punk albums, so here they are. The style I enjoy is that old raw punk, fast songs; so you can maybe disagree with my choices! Click to the images to take others informations about the albums.

#1 - Varaus - Requiem
I can just say this is my favorite album. The punk band from Uusima got some really destroying sounds, all the 19 tracks. There we hear Jone in vocals (what I really enjoyed). This one was released in 1997 by the label Kråklund Records.
The band just last from 1982 to 1985. Loved the "Tuulia Tuu" track (a cover from 1950!).

#2 - V/A - Killed By Finnish Hardcore
I couldn´t believe when I got this album! A great compilation with bands like Kaaos, Riistetyt, Vaurio, Varaus, Pohjasakka... Just the killer records, some of them are pretty much raw noisy punk!
Pyhäkoulu, Tampere SS, Lauhaus and Nolla Nolla Nolla are the must-hear sounds too!

#3 - Destrucktions - Complete Destrucktions
Mike, Siivi, Poko, Apa, Miksa and Jaska are the line-up of the just destructive band from Pori. This album is a compilation too, with all the material of the band in the just 4 years they were active (1981 - 1984).
Hard to find a favorite track in this piece!

#4 - Kaaos - Total Chaos
Of course a top 10 of finn punk could never forget Kaaos. Jaake, the lead singer, was a kind of symbol for most punks nowadays; their tracks are covered by bands from various places. This album is a must have recording for all who want to know what hardcore means.

#5 - Mellakka - R.I.P. Recordings 1984-1986
The albums "Ei..." and "Itsenäisyyspäivä" were combined in this album, released in 2004. You can easily remember of Kaaos or Destrucktions listening to this piece... A great group, just fit perfectly! My fav song is the "r.i.p."!

#6 - V/A - Russia Bombs Finland
Classical material from finn punk from the 80s! You can find the bands Bastards, Kaaos, Riistetyt; and my favorite, which is 013 and Appendix, who got some tracks in this compilation. Definetely great hardcore. Released by Propaganda Records in 1982.

#7 - Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia
What tell about Riistetyt? One of the best punk finn, influencied a lot of bands nowadays with this style fast hardcore, a real bomb in the ears. Lateri, Perry, Piise and Stydy recorded this album from 1983. Make my favs: "Takaa", "Revi Persees" and "Kadut On Meidan".

#8 - Appendix - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa
Appendix, from Pori, recorded this album in 1983, theirs first material. Hard to find a favorite song here, but "Kuitenkin Kuolemme", "Raiskaus", "Sukupuolettomat Siat" and the song that makes the title are great as well! Appendix was Mikki on vocals, Jaska on guitars, Tomi on bass, and Vesku on drums!

#9 - 013 - Takaisin Todellisuuteen
Just choose for 9th position the 013. There we got a style slower than the others albums, but with an amazing timing for the tracks. I recommend the songs "Kateus Voittaa", "En Jaksa Enää", "Spurgu", "Et Sä Voi", and "Takaisin Todellisuuteen".

#10 - V/A - Punk Ja Yäk! - Suomipunk 1977-1987
These albums (4 cds) could be easily in the first position. You can read 78 bands, 132 songs: you bet, this is just fucking insane! All the bands I just talked in this top 10 are in these compilations, and many others unknown bands.
You can find different styles here, from fast hardcore to a slow kind...
This crazy piece was released in 2009 by Stupido Records!

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