Two Witches - Agony of the Undead Vampire Part II

Band: Two Witches.
Album: Agony of the Undead Vampire Part II.
Formation: Jyrki (vocals), Anne (synth, backing vocals), Toby (guitar), Timo R. (bass), Ari (drums), Nauku (backing vocals), Timv (programming, additional guitar, backing vocals).
Year: 1992.
Place: Tampere, Finland/Suomi.
Label: Darklands.
Influence/similars: Gothic rock, Click!, Dorian Gray, Ret Marut.

1. Agony (agonia)
2. The hungry eyes (olhos famintos)
3. The omen (o presságio / pressentimento)
4. Dead dog's howl (uivo do cão morto)
5. We all fall down (todos nós caímos)
6. Nightmare (pesadelo)
7. Fetish dreams (sonhos fetiche)
8. Mircalla (Mircalla Karnstein)
9. Winter (inverno)

Source: Los Espíritus de la Noche Blogspot.
Link for download: Mediafire (50.27 mb).
Interesting: Official site, FinnMusic.net (pictures and infos).

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