013 - Takaisin Todellisuuteen

Banda: 013
Álbum: Takaisin Todellisuuteen (back to reality / de volta à realidade)
Formação: Ismo (vocal e guitarra), Epe (guitarra), Jolla (baixo), Kräki (bateria, vocal na 13.)
Ano: 1983
Local: Pukkila, FIN

1. Neulat Suonissa (needles in veins /agulhas na veia)
2. Sä Et Voi (you can´t / você não pode)
3. Jalat Maassa (feet on the ground / pés no chão)
4. En Pidä Susta (I don´t like you / eu não gosto de você)
5. Aivot On (brain is / cérebro é)
6. Spurgu (bum / vagabundo)

7. Kateus Voittaa (overcome jealousy / superar o ciúme)
8. Takaisin Todellisuuteen (back to reality / de volta à realidade)
9. Vapaa (free / livre)
10. Wently Keeps
11. Eteen (in front / em frente)
12. Työnvälittäjä (job broker / corretor de trabalho)
13. Kuinka Moni? (how many? / quantos?)

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  1. Hi, Kräki is my uncle and I wanted to give you the full translation of track number 4. En pidä susta.

    "Susta" is a dialect form of "sinusta" = "you-from/of" so the track name simply means "I don't like you - Eu não gosto de você"

    With regards from Finland,

  2. Oh, and "spurgu" is Helsinki slang for a hobo/bum/professional alcoholic.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your support. I did a lot of mistakes trying to translate the finnish language: that's why I stopped doing that! I was horrible! :)

    I'm going to update the new translations now

    Cheers for your uncle Kräki too, I say everyday I listen to 013! The song "En jaksa enää" mainly!