Confirmed Kill - ...And the crimes continue

"Founded in 1995 in Turku, Finland. Publication: The Antiwar Action cassette (1995), No-one is Innocent -ep (1996), ... and the Crimes Continue -ep (1996) Chains of Production -lp (in the near future). Here, the collections of songs recorded in 1998. "Chains" with the Swedish anarchist Journal of Brand's centennial collection." (Source: http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=50649)
A band politicized, deals with issues of animal rights, and more.

Band: Confirmed Kill
Album: ...And the crimes continue EP
Formation: -
Year: 1996
Place: Turku, Finland.
Label: Paank Levyt.
Influences/Similars: Crust/Punk, Hardcore/Punk, Vihaliha (Hate Meat - Grind from Virkkala/Finland), Painstream (Crust/Hardcore from Turku/Finland)

Side A
01. Vanities
02. Development
03. The wake
Side B
01. Pet liberation
02. Ruins...

Source: Soulseek
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