The Valkyrians - The Beat of Our Street

Band: The Valkyrians
Album: The Beat of Our Street
Formation: Angster (vocals), Letku-Leroy (bass), Mr Moonhead (keyboards), Gladiator (guitar), Big Deal (drums)
Year: 2009
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Stupido Records / Pork Pie
Influences/Similars: Rocksteady, Ska,  The Gaylads (Jamaica), Stomper 98 (Germany), The Maytals (Jamaica)

1. I Want Some Action
2. Hold On Rudy
3. Queen Of Rudy
4. Not This Time
5.  Bring Back The Reggae
6. The Beat
7. Val Kilmer
8. Make Up Your Mind
9. Reggae Allnighter
10. Taikonaut Reggae
11. Jail
12. C'mon Officer
13. Don't Tell Me Lies
14. Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
15. Big 6

Source: Eddie Drunk Punk Blogspot
Link for download: 4Shared (62.90 mb)
Where to buy:Stupido Records
Interesting: Official Site

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