Rejected - Heat of the Night

REJECTED is a streetpunkrock outfit formed in 1998 in Lappeenranta, Finland. They started out with 3 members: Pete, Pietu and Jani (RIP). This is their first CD album: Heat of the Night (2001). They released too: Fool for a day - King for a lifetime (2006),  a split album with Assenizators, Relentless and Smeh called Split Yourself Apart (2008), and Beware Non Believers (2011). Enjoy!

Band: Rejected
Album: Heat of the Night
Formation: Pete (vocals and bass), Pietu (guitar), Jaakko (drums), Oki (guitar)
Year: 2001
Place: Lappeenranta, Helsinki, Finland
Label: Kidney Records
Influences/Similars: Streetpunk, Oi!, hardcore, Blind Pigs (Brazil), Steet Dogs (USA)

1. Rejected
3. Drink & Fight
4. Life Is Gambling
5. Together
6. Ready To Go
7. We're Always There

Source: Free Punk for the Punx Blogspot
Link for download: ZippyShare (33.27 mb)
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