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BEGINNING REJECTED is a streetpunkrock outfit formed in 1998 in Lappeenranta, Finland. They started out as a 3 -piece project of Pete (bass and vocals), Pietu (guitar) and Jani (drums). The original drummer was shortly changed as Jaakko (former guitarist for a local death/grind band, BURIED ALIVE) came in.

DISCOGRAPHY AND HISTORY After the first demo in spring 1999, Rejected took Oki for a second guitar player to complete the lineup. They played some local shows before entering Red5 studio in May 2000. They recorded 8 songs which were planned to be the content of their debut MCD on Kidney Records. Surprisingly, the boys decided not to release those songs, which they claimed were done in a rush.

The next year Rejected rehearsed more and played a few shows. After a long wait they went to Cosmic studio (Tampere, Finland) to re-record the MCD. 7 songs were recorded in total, which all appear on the Kidney Records release "Heat Of The Night" MCD.

Oki left the band on Autumn 2002, and he was replaced by Pasi. REJECTED and a local hardcore band, WORTH THE PAIN released 7" split september 2003. REJECTED records their 3 songs at Cosmic Studio.....

After three years of playing, Pasi left the band and he was replaced to Jukka Kiesi. With this solid line-up rejected is now stronger than ever, so better watch out!

In March 2006 Rejected spent 4 weekends at Cosmic Studios, Tampere, Finland. The result was a debut full-length album Fool For A Day - King For A Lifetime which was released through Hell's Tone Records and Drop-Out Family in July 2006.

In 2008 the band made split 7" with Helsinki punrock band STRANDED. It was released by small label Kanavakaupungin levyt from Lappeenranta, Finland. And after long wait Rejected released their second full-lenght album, Beware non-believers in begining of 2011.

Source: LPR Hardcore/Rejected

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