The Lärves - Dis is Hell

Band: The Lärves.
Album: Dis is Hell.
Formation: Taimi (singer, bass, guitar), Rikhard (drums).
Year: 2010.
Place: Finland/Suomi
Label: -.
Influence/similars: Raw punk, d-beat, Disclose, Riistetyt, Tampere SS, Terveet Kädet, Rattus, D-clone, Discard, Besthöven.

1. Disfunction
2. Black Gold War (guerra do ouro negro)
3. Pollution (Diclose cover) (poluição)
4. Run Civil Run (corra civil corra)
5. Painajainen (nightmare / pesadelo)
6. Vision of Horror (visão de horror)
7. Intro(demo)
8. Ydinaseiden uhrit (demo)(Disclose cover: "The nuclear victims")
9. Kuolla Kon Rotta (demo)
10. Painajainen (demo)
11. Ruumiini_valuutta (live)
12. Crackhead (live) (viciado em crack)

Source D-Crust Blogspot.
Link for download: Megaupload (Not updated yet).
Interesting: Lärves´Blog.

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