Vaarallinen - Vaarallinen

Band: Vaarallinen
Album: Vaarallinen [demo]
Formation: Electric fence (vocals/guitar), Goldfish (drums), Glue (bass)
Year: 2012
Place: Singapore
Label: Blood of War / Cactus Records
Influences/Similars: Punk rock, hardcore, Kaaos (Finland), Pazahora (Singapore), Exkoriator (Singapore)

1. Punk Rakastaa Anarkiaa
2. Ei Jumala
3. Juokse Henseki Edesta
4. Singapore
5. Rotta Hakissa
6. Jata Mut Rauhaan
7. Sosiaalinen Kontroli
8. Tyytvaisyys
9. Ydinvoima
10. Mediakontrolli

Source: Terminal Escape Blogspot
Link for download: Mediafire (20.6 mb)
Where to buy: Symphony of Destruction, Blood of War, Cactus Records
Interesting: Band blogspot, Lyrics in comments (youtube), Pictures

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