Creepy Crawlie - Creepy Crawlie

Band: Creepy Crawlie
Album: Creepy Crawlie
Formation: Pepson (vocals), Eva (bass), Pipsa (guitar and vocals), Tilhi (drums)
Year: ~2007
Place: Helsinki, Finland.
Label: Lady Lasol Records
Influences/Similars: Hardcore, punk rock, Rattus (Finland), Bikini Kill (USA), Khatarina (Finland), Conclude (Japan), Diskelmä (Finland).

1. Animal
2. Pieni Sikermä Suomesta
3. Terror Night
4. Seven year itch
5. Preeria
6. Oman Käden Oikeus
7. Smile of Victory
8. Chicken Leg
9. La réclamation
10. Testicle Cat

Source: No Gods No Masters Blogspot
Link for download: Mediafire (25.29 mb)
Where to buy: Discogs
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